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Matchmaking for Men

Matchmaking for Men at The Modern Matchmaker
Dating for Busy Professionals

Real Compatibility. None of the Hassle.

You've spent your life focused on your career, and somehow the prospect of love has fallen through the cracks. Custom made for men like you with a busy lifestyle, The Modern Matchmaker takes the guesswork out of dating by matching you with women who share your interests, values, and lifestyle. Our female clients are intelligent, attractive, emotionally stable, and financially secure. No nonsense, no wasted time — just the potential for love that lasts a lifetime.

How it Works
Our Process

We Make Love Happen.

1. Registration
Register on our website or call our office to speak to a professional matchmaker. We pride ourselves on personalized attention, selective matches, and confidentiality.
2. Private Consultation
Schedule a meeting with one of our expert matchmakers to review your confidential profile and discuss your 'perfect match' requirements.
3. Become A Member
Once a client, your personal matchmaker will process your background check, schedule your database photos and complete your customized profile.
4. Selective Introductions
Your professional matchmaker will complete your customized profile search and recommend compatible matches for your review. When both parties agree to meet, we make the introduction.
5. Client Communications
After each first date, we encourage client feedback until you are in an exclusive relationship. This gives us a better idea of what you're looking for and helps us refine your match criteria for future recommendations if necessary.
6. Find Your Match
85% of our clients end up in a committed relationship or married. With our Match Guarantee, we continue searching for your perfect match until you've created a love story that can last a lifetime.
“Susan is the real deal. If you're seriously looking for a partner, she can help. You need to be open and honest. I had a great experience with her company.”
Tom, 61, President
“For people like me, The Modern Matchmaker is a maker of hope. Hope for a new beginning. Hope for happiness. I can think of very few things more important in life.”
Peter, 51, Attorney
“I would say that things are going well. We have recently moved in together. We both owe you thanks for our happiness.”
Ken, 45, Associate Professor
"We couldn't be happier. Both of us would agree that we couldn't have found a better match and given our personalities would never have met had it not been for you."
Erik, 31, Finance Director
Membership Levels

Matchmaking isn't one-size fits all.

Finding your perfect match isn't one-size fits all. That's why The Modern Matchmaker has three membership levels to choose from. All membership levels include a private consultation with one of our Professional Matchmakers where clients review their confidential profile and discuss their 'perfect match' requirements. Additionally, all memberships include a background check, database photographs, and personal follow-up communications with your Professional Matchmaker after each first date. From there, we help you choose the membership level that brings you one step closer to finding your perfect match.

Membership Levels
  • Signature Level

  • • Exclusive compatible introductions from our private database
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  • Concierge Level

  • • Exclusive compatible introductions from our private database
  • • Access to referral matches
  • • Confidential scouting at events
  • • Networking with professional matchmakers in different states if requested
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  • Premier Level

  • • Exclusive compatible introductions from our private database
  • • Access to referral matches
  • • Confidential scouting at events
  • • Networking with professional matchmakers in different states if requested
  • • Customized search outside of our private database by our team of professional scouts
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