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Client Testimonials

❤️ "Lisa and I are engaged. We have a wonderful family of four amazing, happy children. Thank you seems incomplete, as well are the words to describe how amazing Lisa is to me. Thank you for not just helping me find her, but also the part of me that I've always dreamt."
Charles, 55, Entrepreneur
❤️ "I can, without a doubt, tell you that “Love is in the Air” between myself and Carl. I have been making the drive from northern Virginia to Pittsburgh every few weeks and will be spending the holidays with him. I want to thank you for the match and hope, in my heart, that love continues with Carl."
Cheryl, 65, Retired Paralegal
❤️ "The Modern Matchmaker really changed my life. I was blessed to have met the one at this point in my life. Susan and her staff are professional and caring. This has been a blessing. Sign up and change your life."
Karl, 47, Care Coordinator
❤️ "I had very little free time to try to meet anyone on my own. The Modern Matchmaker was the perfect resource for me to overcome these obstacles. And it works - My husband and I were lucky enough to find each other shortly after we both signed up."
Ellen, 33, Physician
❤️ "The owner, Susan Dunhoff, takes a personal interest in each of her clients. She and her staff do an excellent job of identifying and recommending meaningful matches. Through their efforts, I have had the opportunity to meet several attractive and interesting women. As stated, I am most pleased with the attention and service that I have received from The Modern Matchmaker."
James, 80, Retired Professor
❤️ “There are two important aspects of the Modern Matchmaker, contrasted with internet dating services. First Susan vets the candidates which takes a lot of the risk away from prospects. Second, she has enough information on candidates that there is significant commonality when two people date. This improves the chances for success.”
John, 78, Corporate Finance
❤️ "I would just like to thank Susan for the wonderful introductions and personal attention. She has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend The Modern Matchmaker service to any person without a significant other."
Gary, 52, Corporate Executive
❤️ "Susan helped me find my husband and the father of my children. Her services are so far above the online dating sites. I am so happy that I took a chance and hired Susan. I recommend her expertise without hesitation."
Rebecca, 38, Attorney
❤️ "You do a great job and make a lot of people happy. You are the best of the best."
Bob, 60, Consultant
❤️ "The Modern Matchmaker found me my true love and gave me everything I ever wanted!"
Randy, 41, Education
❤️ "I would say that things are going well. We have recently moved in together. We both owe you thanks for our happiness."
Ken, 45, Associate Professor
❤️ "I can’t thank you enough for my forever match! I met Richard in one week and have been married for 11 wonderful years and have three children. It’s been a great life!"
Rachel, 40, Education
❤️ "The love of my life and I are doing very well. Our love story began with you. I am so grateful for your efforts."
John, 67, Retired
❤️ "You helped me get in the dating game. Without The Modern Matchmaker I would not have met my husband."
Mary, 69, Hospitality Industry
❤️ "It is positively mind boggling the amount of effort and communication you put forth on my behalf. I just wanted to thank you for all the work and care you have provided for me over this time. I have faith that finding a lasting and loving relationship lies with you. You guys are amazing."
John, 54, Attorney
❤️ "I was a client of yours in 2011 and was matched (1st and only match) with my now husband of nearly two years. We had a bit of a rocky start but that actually paved the way for an unbelievable open and honest relationship. Thank you for everything and continued success!"
Heather, 41, Nurse
❤️ "What a fun and personal experience. Susan and her team are focused on finding you the perfect match. I couldn't be more pleased! Be yourself, honest, and communicate."
Holly, 58, Health Care Executive
❤️ "I'm still seeing Mark, we get along quite well and spend a lot of time together. Thank you so much, you are indeed an excellent matchmaker."
Cynthia, 50, Manufacturing
❤️ "Thank you so very much for my latest match. If ever someone understood and shared my idea of family, it's him. He's such a good match for me. I'm nearly in disbelief. He's incredibly thoughtful, kind, considerate, chivalrous, happy, sweet, funny...just great. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to the most amazing man."
Amanda, 33, Environmental Manager
❤️ "In today's world, we are all looking for value when we buy products and services. The Modern Matchmaker has proven itself to be a great value. I have been out of the dating world for over 20 years and truly had a fun time last week at the event. I was very impressed by Susan and Michael’s personal attention to me. Good job guys!"
Victoria, 50, Consultant
❤️ "I have found Susan's matchmaking service to be very confidential and personal. She is very tuned into my needs and successfully matched me with a wonderful person. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in finding that special person to compliment them."
Gloria, 49, Artist and Art Teacher
❤️ "I cannot thank Susan enough for setting my life on this course. Had it not been for The Modern Matchmaker dating experience, I would have never had my eyes opened as to exactly what I was looking for and would not have attracted it. Susan is such a pleasure to work with and I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions."
Christine, 52, Health Care Executive
❤️ "The service your efforts bring to clients like me is hope. Hope for a new beginning. Hope for happiness. I can think of very few things more important in life."
Peter, 51, Attorney
❤️ "I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Ken. After a year and a half of dating, we married. Every day is a new adventure that we explore together. You forks did an outstanding job pairing us with each other. Love can be found at any age. Keep up the great work!"
Nancy, 73, Retired Nurse
❤️ "Susan has introduced me to some great people. It is so much nicer than getting picked up in a bar-and a lot safer too."
Lisa, 28, Marketing Specialist
❤️ "Susan Dunhoff is sincere about her mission, cares deeply about her clients, and works hard to find the perfect match."
David, 45, Physician
❤️ "Thanks to Susan, I can finally have a social life. I found it very difficult to balance school, a part-time job, and dating all at the same time. All I have to do is relax and enjoy the service."
Christine, 52, Health Care Executive
❤️ "Susan's Modern Matchmaker services are smooth and professional. No pressures. Go with a professional and improve your lifestyle."
Aaron, 47, President of Local Business
❤️ "I really like The Modern Matchmaker. It’s fun! It is so nice to not have to spend endless hours searching online dating sites. I know that Susan is always looking out for my best interests."
Debbie, 24, Web Designer
❤️ "I was a confirmed bachelor until Susan introduced me to Pam. We were engaged within 8 months and have been married 12 years. Thank you, Susan."
Craig, 53, Composer/Recording Artist
❤️ "Everything is going great with Steve and found me a perfect match and kept us together through some rough times. I can't thank you enough. We have a close and wonderful relationship together fact we are planning to go on a cruise in November. My relationship with Steve has truly enriched my life. Keep up the good work!!!!"
Sylvia, 58, Credit Analyst
❤️ "I worked with Susan over the course of a couple years. In that time I met several interesting women, and dated a few for a period of time. All of whom were a pleasure to spend time with. Each time I provided feedback to Susan, which allowed her to identify my perfect match with whom I intend to spend the rest of my life. Thanks Susan!"
Timothy, 60, Retired Finance VP
❤️ "Susan helped us find our soul mates."
Pearl 79 and Elliot 80, Retirees
❤️ "I have been very pleased with the service you provide and I thank you for taking a personal interest in me and my future."
Lisa, 49, Entertainment Specialist
❤️ "Susan Dunhoff provides a breath of fresh air to Modern Matchmaking. With a warm, sincere and concerned approach, she takes the extra time and effort to make the best match possible for you."
Geoffrey, 60, Lawyer
❤️ “Susan, I think it is only fair to inform you that I now consider myself to be the luckiest and most fortunate of your male clients, most likely of any male period. Lisa is the most amazing woman I have ever met. And then some. Thank you for the introduction.”
Steve, 47, Director Global Production & Technology
❤️"From my experience, I am pleased to offer a highly positive recommendation for The Modern Matchmaker and its services. The owner, Susan Dunhoff, takes a personal interest in each of her clients. She and her staff do an excellent job of identifying and recommending meaningful matches. Through their efforts, I have had the opportunity to meet several attractive and interesting women. As stated, I am most pleased with the attention and service that I have received from The Modern Matchmaker."
James, 78, Professor
❤️ "I used eHarmony with no luck: I had over 10 bad first dates and gave up. Then I met Susan at a networking event and decided to give The Modern Matchmaker a try. Roberto was the first guy I was matched with. After one date I knew I wanted to see him again. I'm now silly crazy in love with him and he declares "we are a couple." Susan, thank you so much for matching me with the most perfect man I could ever know."

Lisa, 50, Marketing
❤️ "Thank you for all that you have done for me, and may possibly do for me in the future. I am so happy to have met you and am able to call you a friend. I will continue to recommend your service to others. Thanks in a big way!"
Steve, 61, Executive
❤️ "Susan, you are amazing! I was so nervous for my date because it has been so incredibly long since I have actually liked someone. We had so much fun-how refreshing to have fun! Over the top gentleman, enthusiastic, engaged in conversation, honest, handsome, physically fit, energetic….oh my!"
Vicky, 50, Counselor
❤️ I can’t think of any other way to find a relationship than to use Modern Matchmaker. The vetting process is outstanding and it eliminates many of the major surprises that could end a romance. It is well worth the investment. Any accomplished person who is serious about finding a special person should use this service.
Richard, 69, Executive
❤️ “I can't say enough positive things about Susan and her staff. The whole experience from start to finish was top notch. And best of all, they knew exactly what I was looking for in a soul mate. After one date, I knew that I had found him! 8 years later my husband and I are so happy that we found The Modern Matchmaker which ultimately led us to one another and to our wonderful son!”

Meredith, 35, Medical Physicist
❤️ Susan is the real deal. If you are seriously looking for a partner she can help. You need to be open and honest. I had a great experience with her company. Susan did a great job and had  plenty of opportunities for me to meet people. I like that everyone was background checked, no sketchy people. If you are a high-profile person this is the place to be. Everyone I met was interesting and successful. I highly recommend her service. You need to be flexible in how you approach this, but I found it to be a great addition to my own efforts to meet someone, and well worth the money.
Tom, 61, President
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