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The covid-19 pandemic has affected so many of life’s memorable moments and even impacted everyday events, from schooling to dining out to visiting family members.

One thing it hasn’t overpowered is love.

“Dating and marrying during the pandemic was and has been an extremely unique experience. Looking back, it all worked together way better than we could have imagined,” said Gabriela Miller, 27, of Washington Township, who married about six months after the pandemic struck Western Pennsylvania. “No matter what the circumstances, when two people make a commitment to love each other unconditionally, there is nothing that can separate them.”

According to a survey by MedStar Health, 47% of adults in the U.S. are reentering the dating scene, despite the pandemic. Findings show daters value vaccination status over similar political views. When asked to rank traits in order of priority, daters showed personal hygiene was key, followed by similar life views, then vaccination status, financial stability, similar future goals and similar political views.

The survey found 61% would discuss their vaccination status when dating a new person, and 57% would share food on a date.

The pandemic hasn’t stopped people from finding love, said Susan Dunhoff, founder of The Modern Matchmaker Inc. in Squirrel Hill.

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