P100 Podcast: How Pittsburgh‘s Modern Matchmaker plays Cupid

As connected as the world is, it’s still tough to meet people. Sure, there’s online dating, but with a raft of options, algorithms and, oh, a pandemic complicating the in-person process, courtship is a little different these days.

Enter The Modern Matchmaker. Susan Dunhoff, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert, joined the podcast to chat about her Pittsburgh firm’s 30-year history, successes, the ups and downs of the dating world, and how her business has changed to reflect today’s environment. And for singles and soulmates alike, there are some great lessons about love.

Listen to the episode here: https://p100podcast.com/e/ep-31-%e2%80%94-how-pittsburgh-s-modern-matchmaker-plays-cupid/

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