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Make this your best year yet! Find your perfect match and keep the excitement in your love life flourishing. A truly compatible significant other enhances all aspects of your life. At work or at play, feel the positive energy and embrace it.

Be Thoughtful
It’s the little things that count.

Send him a romantic card for no reason at all!
Send flowers to her workplace just to let her know how special she is!
Bring one perfect red rose to dinner!
Send chocolate covered strawberries to his workplace—enough for co-workers to share! They will all completely envy him.
Buy her a silk nightgown and robe for her birthday. Even the shyest woman will feel like a confident model!

Be Romantic
Surprise her with champagne and chocolates!
Plan an impromptu romantic weekend getaway!
Bake him a heart-shaped cake and ice it; even a rum cake can be sexy!
Give him a framed photo of the two of you for his desk!
Surprise her with matching shirts!
Buy new lingerie and feel sexy!
Buy a slinky evening dress and invite him out for a change!
Surprise your boyfriend with a hug when he is working at his computer!
Whisper in her ear how much you care about her while she is sleeping!

Be Creative
Surprise him and cook a romantic dinner for two! Comfort food, texture, color—food is sexy! Add candles and romantic music, and you’re set!
Surprise her with front row seats to her favorite concert group!
Pack a gourmet picnic for two complete with a bottle of wine and real stemware—make it special!
Serve her breakfast in bed—that you actually cooked—with fresh-squeezed orange juice!
Cook dinner together and be playful in the kitchen!
Book a private professional suggestive photo shoot and surprise him with the album!

Modern Matchmaker

Be Compassionate
Picture this:
Your boyfriend has finally climbed the corporate ladder to find out his job has been eliminated without any notice.
Your girlfriend just talked you into paying for her permanent makeup and returned home with uneven eyebrows.
You and your significant other join an expensive travel club and find out they are being investigated on 60 minutes.

You should never blame one another—no one is perfect. Be extra supportive, caring, and understanding.
Tackle the problem. Trust each other. Work it out.

Be Realistic
If you make a mistake, readily admit it, and discuss how you can prevent making the same mistake twice. Do not sweat the small stuff. Life is too short. If you are on a date and your boyfriend comments on how beautiful the woman at the next table is—tell him that you agree—and laughingly let him know that that same woman would not want him. Be secure with yourself. Loving yourself will let you love him all the more. If you have a disagreement: kiss, hug, and make up quickly.

Good communication is the key. Discuss small problems rationally before resentment builds, leads to a huge fight, and culminates in a break up.

Be Confident
Everyone needs their space. It is not healthy to be joined at the hip 24/7. If you have a life today, you are busy and your private time should be respected. If your significant other wants to play golf with the guys, so be it—trust him. If you want to go to the spa—just do it. This is your time to relax and you will be a better partner feeling energized and ready to move on. Then couple time becomes more important and is not taken for granted. It is quality as opposed to quantity. Make it special.

Be A Best Friend
The phrase “for better or worse” holds true in dating as well as marriage. It is nice to always think the glass is half full, not half empty, and have a positive outlook on life. But life is not always a bed of rose petals or candy canes and fairytales. Sometimes disaster strikes: the loss of a loved one; an impending surgery; a relative who is critically ill. This is the time when you really need a lover to be your best friend.

Susan Dunhoff
President, The Modern Matchmaker, Inc.
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