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New Year, New Love — 6 Tips to Find Your Perfect Match

January 31, 2022

If you are living in Pittsburgh and looking for love this year, keep reading to discover how you can start off your year on the right track with other Pittsburgh singles and find out what might be holding you back from finding your soulmate.

1. Make a List of Your Priorities 

Before you can start seriously dating other Pittsburgh singles, you need to establish what you are searching for in a partner

Translate your relationship motivation from your mind onto the page.

When you think about your perfect match, which characteristics come to mind? There is a good chance that you have thought about your ideal qualities in your partner before. It is even more likely that you’ve been on a few dates with Pittsburgh singles that show you what you do not want in a long term relationship. 

To gather your thoughts and determine what you are looking for in a partner, you should make a list of priorities to help identify which qualities you are searching for in your next relationship. When you have your priorities listed, you can better identify dates as potential partner material.  

2. Don’t Let Old Heartbreaks Hold You Back

Trust us—Pittsburgh singles don’t want to hear about your past relationships

Your future significant other is out there!

The past is gone — we can learn from it, but we can’t bring it back. As you start looking for your soulmate, one of the most important things you can do is let go of past relationships. Not only is it unflattering to discuss your ex as you start dating singles in Pittsburgh, you also risk seeming like you are not yet completely over your last partner. So, when you begin searching for the right person for a long term relationship, you need to think of each experience as a brand new start. This year it's time to let someone new into your life and file your past relationships where they belong — in the past.

3. Remember to Take Your Time

Don’t rush into a new relationship at full speed, take time to make sure that this person aligns with your personality, values, and priorities in life

Don’t get overwhelmed after a few failed dates. Finding your soulmate takes time!

Some singles in Pittsburgh become impatient after dating for years. However, rushing into relationships too quickly does not usually lead to a lasting relationship. It is important to get comfortable with the other person and learn their dating boundaries. Once you both feel at ease around each other, you can start the relationship discussion.

4. Enhance Your Dating Habits

Not everyone is a perfect match! Remember there are always other Pittsburgh singles out there

Dating someone you’re not that into will waste both of your time.

If you’re just not that into the person you’re currently dating, then it’s time to move on. Dating someone you're not excited about wastes time and emotional energy time for both parties. Not only that, but if you continue to date someone that you aren’t truly interested in, you are not putting yourself first. Remember, you are trying to find that person that you spend your time with. If the relationship isn't emotionally clicking, that’s your sign to move on.

5. Prioritize Open Communications

Being open and honest with other Pittsburgh singles shows you are ready for a real relationship

Communication is key at every stage of a relationship, even at the beginning.

When it comes to dating, honesty is the best policy. It can be tempting to exaggerate the truth on a first date to impress your date, but being honest will lead to a closer connection in the long run. Upfront honesty shows your date that you are confident and ready for a serious relationship.

6. Be Yourself

Your ideal partner will love you for who you are — not who you pretend to be on a first date

Showing your true self is the best way to find a relationship that lasts.

It may sound like a cliché, but if you aren’t being yourself how are potential partners going to get to know the real you? Just like how honesty is the best strategy for dating, being yourself should be another top priority. After all, if you want to spend your life with this person, they are eventually going to find out about your quirks, habits, and guilty pleasures. Everyone wants to be loved for exactly who they are, so in 2022, start your year with your best foot forward.

There are many Pittsburgh singles out there waiting to meet you. You never know who could be the right one! When you choose The Modern Matchmaker to find your next partner, we ensure that you are spending quality time with meaningful and compatible matches. Contact us today to begin your journey to finding your perfect match.

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