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Emotional Stability

June 14, 2023
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Being with an emotionally unstable significant other can pose major challenges in life. An emotionally unstable relationship entails a lot of emotional exhaustion and can cause a deviation from reality. 

Symptoms Of Emotional Instability

  • If you have an emotionally unstable significant other, they tend to get upset or enraged easily.
  • If they are part of an unloving, dysfunctional, family, you may be dating an emotionally unstable significant other.
  • An emotionally unstable significant other will try to one-up you. They will counter most of your statements, convictions and try to outsmart you.
  • A mentally unstable significant other is fearful of criticism or rejection, as deep down they are very insecure.
  • As narcissists, they don’t take ownership of their actions or mistakes. You are always the problem.

Learn to master your own happiness, without trying to seek approval or joy from others. As an emotionally intelligent person, don’t get swayed by the negative remarks or disapproval of the toxic people in your life. In their minds, narcissists are always right, and you are always wrong. Regardless of other people’s opinions, allow your self-worth to come from within.

It is good to let go, but don’t let emotionally unstable people get the impression that you have come to accept their irrational behavior. If that happens, you will fall into their narcissistic spell which is very hard to break later on. You are in control of your own peace of mind and happiness, for which you get to set and maintain boundaries in place when anyone tries to overstep them.

Emotional instability is not hot. Stop dating if you are a hot mess and get yourself right. When you are ready to start dating, we can help find the right match for you. Our clients are intelligent, attractive, emotionally stable, financially secure, and fun! They are selective and value their confidentiality. We have been in business for over 30 years and have matched thousands of happy couples.

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