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In the Pittsburgh Dating Scene? 7 Fashion Tips for Looking & Feeling Your Best

January 28, 2021

Dating has significantly changed during the pandemic. Depending on one’s comfort level with meeting in person, dates could range from a Zoom call, a long walk, even a park outing, to indoor or outdoor dining. As a result, you are going to be faced with a number of different outfit options to choose from on your first date. For some singles, this can seem a little overwhelming. 

Dress to impress! Learn more about looking great on your first date from top matchmaking and style experts on the Pittsburgh dating scene now. 

Larrimor’s in Pittsburgh

Larrimor’s has casual and formal options for both men and women. Whether you are dressing up in a suit or going business casual for your date, you can find the perfect outfit at Larrimor’s. For further information, consider booking a session with one of their experienced stylists. When you look great, you feel great, and your confidence shows. 

Top 7 Fashion Tips for Dressing Up On Your First Date

Leading experts on the Pittsburgh dating scene offer advice on looking great for your first date.

black couple dressed in luxury clothes

Have fun getting ready for an exciting date! Put together a crisp, stylish outfit well in advance. Dressing well can not only help you feel more confident, but it also shows your date that you have class and are well-kept. First impressions count in the Pittsburgh dating scene. The inside needs to be as good as the outside, but your date sees the outside first. 

  1. Choose clothes that fit

The first rule of being well-dressed is to choose clothes that fit. It sounds simple but is often overlooked. A tailored look is the key to a pulled-together look. It says class, confidence, and sophistication. Clothes that are too large or too small can also cause discomfort. This may end up distracting you from the date and prevent you from having an enjoyable time. 

If you don’t have a good tailor, find one. If a beloved piece of clothing doesn’t fit you the way you would like or if your weight has changed, your tailor will help to make you look fantastic.

  1. Don’t overdress

There’s no need to overdress, but please do put some thought into your outfit. Dress to fit the venue where your date will take place. Make sure that your outfit is spotless and not wrinkled. This, too, sounds simple but is often overlooked. 

  1. Be authentic to who you are 
a couple hugging

Don’t try to look like someone you aren’t. Wear outfits that you enjoy and that speak to who you are. It’s hard to go wrong with a tapered pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater. For jeans, try Brax, AG Jeans, and Hudson Jeans. Kinross offers sweaters for him and her, as well. 

For women, if you want to update your look, we recommend working with a style consultant at Larrimor’s. They can help you build a chic outfit that is both flattering and tailored to your unique style.

  1. Shoes

If you are meeting in person, shoes matter! If meeting for a casual walk, men should consider wearing a pair of elevated sneakers or chukkas. If meeting for a nature hike, then it makes sense to opt for something more practical. If meeting at a restaurant, choose whatever makes you feel confident while taking the ambiance of the venue into consideration. For some people, this may be a monk strap shoe, while others may opt for a loafer. For women, a sleek heel works well in most situations. 

(Hint: Men, women are looking at your shoes!)

  1. Comfort

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Think about what you want to accentuate. If you want to make your eyes pop on a Zoom date, match your top to your eye color.

  1. Avoid Large Prints

Avoid large prints that could be distracting or colors that may wash you out on camera. For Zoom dates, opt for brighter colors that flatter and shy away from darker colors, such as black. Consider placing a light ring behind your computer so that you are better lit for the Zoom call. Good lighting can make a real difference on video calls!

  1. Wardrobe Capsule

You can even take it a step further and make wardrobe capsules for each kind of date. Maybe you have an outfit you prefer to wear on first dates and a more casual one that is suited for second or third dates. Setting up these wardrobe capsules in advance can help cut down on time spent preparing for future e dates. 

Final Thoughts

white couple dressed in black and denim

These quick fashion tips can help you feel confident and ready for your next date! Dressing in an outfit that perfectly blends comfort with style is one of the best things you can do. Then, you can just focus on having fun!

Shop Larrimor’s

No matter the occasion, Larrimor’s has an outfit for any occasion. Pittsburgh’s premier destination for women’s contemporary and designer clothing, handbags, and accessories. Men’s offerings include made to measure suits, custom dress shirts, luxury and designer casual wear. At Larrimor’s, they love setting their clients up for success and hope that everyone finds a meaningful, lasting relationship. 

Still looking for your perfect match as you navigate the Pittsburgh dating scene? Get in touch with the Modern Matchmaker — Pittsburgh’s premier dating service for professionals singles— to learn more about how we can guide you on your path to true love.

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