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How to Successfully Date During the Pandemic

September 24, 2020
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For the past several months, most of the United States has remained in quarantine to stay safe from the pandemic. Since then, the challenges of dating have grown tougher. But although it has become more difficult to meet new people while out and about, you can still plan safe, socially-distant dates. The Modern Matchmaker is here to offer advice on navigating the Pittsburgh dating scene during the pandemic. 

1. Schedule a Video Chat for the First Date

Play it safe by trying out socially-distant Pittsburgh dating

girl video chatting

Before the pandemic, you may have scheduled a date at your favorite restaurant or planned a movie night. However, things have changed and your date might not be comfortable to meet in person yet. That’s why so many people nowadays schedule Zoom dates or FaceTime calls. 

Keeping Up Appearances

Video calls can feel awkward at first, but we have tips for helping them go as smoothly as possible! For starters, you can still dress up a little for your Zoom date. Even though you won’t see each other in person, you will still be able to see each other’s faces. Putting in some effort toward your appearance can make a huge difference. Speaking of appearances, make sure the area where you decide to FaceTime them is clean and has nice lighting. 

Breaking the Ice

First dates — whether they are online or offline — can feel awkward. Ice breakers are a great way to relieve the tension and anxiety that often accompanies a first date. Try these for example:

  1. What movies or TV shows have you watched recently?
  2. Do you have any pets?
  3. Where are your favorite places to travel?
  4. How did you end up in Pittsburgh?
  5. What is your favorite thing to do in the city? 

When you schedule the date, make sure you establish a timeframe for it. First dates typically last about an hour. If you find yourself wanting to talk to the person longer — go for it! Let the date continue naturally and enjoy your conversation.

2. Try a Professional Matchmaking Service

The Pittsburgh dating scene can be intimidating to navigate alone

man and woman on the beach

Finding someone who is compatible with your interests and lifestyle can be difficult. You can try a regular online dating site, but this comes with its own challenges. Aside from juggling a career and various personal responsibilities, you often have to sort through numerous matches whose interests or personalities don’t quite match yours. 

This can become frustrating after a while, and you might be tempted to give up on finding someone. But there are numerous channels to explore out there designed to help you find a compatible partner.

The Modern Matchmaker: Your Upscale Pittsburgh Dating Resource

To cut down on time spent looking for suitable matches, consider trying a professional matchmaking service. At The Modern Matchmaker, we make love happen by matching you with someone who shares your values, interests, and lifestyle. When you become a client, our expert matchmakers will review your profile and discuss your requirements for a perfect match. After they meet with you, they will find compatible matches for you to review. 

When both parties agree to meet, we make the introductions. After each first date, we encourage client feedback until you are in an exclusive relationship. 

3. Move Onto an Outdoor Spot for Your Next Date

Want to see more of your potential partner? Schedule an outdoor date!

man and woman enjoying romantic dinner

Ready to take it to the next step? If you are both comfortable with meeting in person, consider scheduling an outdoor date! There are so many romantic spots in Pittsburgh you can take someone to. Phipps Conservatory is perfect for a scenic date. Kayaking down the three rivers with Kayak Pittsburgh is great for people who are on the more adventurous side. Outdoor restaurants such as The Abbey on Butler Street and the Federal Galley are also great if you both prefer a traditional sit-down meal outside. 

Staying Safe

Wearing a mask and bringing hand sanitizer is crucial for keeping yourself safe during the date. Some people prefer to do activities that allow them to keep a safe distance from the other person throughout the date. If this is the case, dates in the park or along the three rivers are perfect! 

Please note that If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 such as shortness of breath or chills, you should postpone the date or stick to virtual meetings until you start to feel better again. 

4. Watch a Movie Together and Other Activities (Virtually)

Have a fun movie night in while staying socially distant

woman watching movie on a laptop

Would you prefer to stick to online dating until the pandemic is over? No worries! There are numerous ways you can keep your virtual dates fun and exciting. For your next date, consider trying out these ideas:

  1. Host a virtual movie night using Netflix Party, which lets you watch the same TV show or movie
  2. Dress up for a dinner night where you send the person a bottle of wine to enjoy together (virtually)
  3. Enter a virtual Escape Room that you have to escape together
  4. Cook a dinner “together” by sending over a recipe for you to try together while video chatting
  5. Host a mini wine and paint night where you can work on your masterpieces together before showing them off to each other

5. Surprise Them With a Gift

Treat Your Pittsburgh Dating Match to a romantic gift

man holding a gift

If you find yourself really enjoying the presence of the other person, surprise them with a gift! Even though you can’t see each other in person as much or take them on lavish dates, you can still show your appreciation for them with a gift. Whether they love a good glass of rosé or they want a good book to read, show them that you have been paying attention to what they are saying and that you value your time with them with a nice gift.

Going through the Pittsburgh dating scene can be challenging. You might find yourself swiping through dozens of candidates before you find one that could be a suitable match. The Modern Matchmaker is designed to help you push through the typical dating pains and find a suitable match with less stress and frustration. To learn more about our professional matchmaking services, contact us today

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