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How to Figure Out What You Want in a Relationship

March 18, 2022

Dating is not easy for everyone. For many Pittsburgh singles, it is difficult to find compatible partners who share their same values and are looking for long-term relationships. Finding the right partner can be even more confusing when you're not exactly sure what you are looking for in a relationship. 

That’s why we’ve outlined a few strategies that you can use to discover your true relationship priorities. We’ve listed four of the most effective ways for determining your perfect match requirements.

List Your Priorities & Values

Before you start dating other Pittsburgh singles, we recommend ranking your top priorities to avoid wasting time

woman writing in journal
It can be hard to organize priorities in our head, so make sure you write them down! 

Though this may sound obvious, the first and most important step to figure out what you want in a relationship is to list your top dating priorities, and your deal breakers. Once these are written down, you can begin to realize what complementary qualities to look for in a partner. 

Often, we move through life without really taking stock of ourselves, so use this opportunity to assess where you are in your dating life and how you want to move forward. If you are completely out of touch with yourself, you will most likely end up wasting valuable time dating the wrong people. 

Think About What You Want in Your Perfect Match

A good way to determine what you want in your perfect match as a Pittsburgh single is to imagine your perfect first date

Organizing your perfect match requirements is the next step in the proces. 

Chemistry exists on all levels. Physical, emotional, and intellectual, to name a few, are all important factors in a long term relationship. That’s why you need to take time to imagine your ideal partner before you can actually meet them. Though it is likely that some have done this already, for those who haven’t it can be a very helpful tool to start dating more selectively. 

To get started with this exercise, take a few moments to imagine yourself with your perfect match. What do they look like? What is their personality like? What is their profession? What activities would you both enjoy doing together? You get the idea.

Evaluate Your Past Dates

We’ve all had a few unsuccessful dates with Pittsburgh singles. You should use your past experiences to have better dates in the future

Not every date is a great one — and that’s ok! 

Use your unsuccessful dates to your own advantage! You can take your negative experiences and use them to identify what you want in a partner, and more importantly, what you don’t want. It is important not to think of your bad dates as failures, but as steps in the right direction. Dating is not a race to get from point A to point B, so you have to allow for some less than perfect dates before you meet your perfect match. 

Consider Taking a Personality Test

Sometimes we need to learn a little bit about ourselves before we can date someone seriously.

You might learn more about your dating habits by taking a personality test.

Speaking of personality types, a personality test can give you important insight on your own personality characteristics and how you react to different situations. For some of us, this information relates to how we act in different dating and relationship situations. Often, the more you know about your personality, the better you can find others who compliment your personality. By examining your own key characteristics, you can also identify negative dating habits that may be holding you back from finding the one.

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