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How to Determine Your Partner’s Love Language

June 30, 2021

In many relationships, people tend to show their partner the love they would personally like to receive. The reality is that not everyone has the same love language, and it’s crucial to find out what love language your partner values the most. To make sure that you are developing a loving and successful relationship, take a deep dive into the five love languages and learn how Pittsburgh singles can take this information and practice it in their everyday lives.

The 5 Love Languages Singles in Pittsburgh Need to Know

Find Out How Pittsburgh Singles are Utilizing Love Languages to Grow Healthy, Lasting Relationships

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The different types of love languages were first introduced by the bestselling book, The 5 Love Languages. With over 13 million copies sold, Pittsburgh singles and singles worldwide learn to express love in their spouse’s language. The book has been published for more than 30 decades and breaks the love languages down to quality time, physical touch, gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation. The book takes a common-sense approach that everyone can use to learn how to love better.

Quality Time

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What the love language means: Quality time is quite evident by the name, those that value this most want to enjoy the other person’s company. These people crave and desire alone time with their significant other to catch up and bond. Quality time is your love language if you frequently want to physically be with someone, not just hear their voice or read a letter they wrote. You usually do not feel satisfied until you are spending time with this person alone. 

Examples: Schedule special weekly date nights or adhere to a “no-phones at dinner” policy to emphasize quality time.

Physical Touch

man and woman linking arms
If your partner enjoys physical touch, hold their hand or give them hugs after a long day.

What the love language means: Physical touch is when a person shows love by hugging, cuddling, kissing, holding hands, or being intimate. Most of the time, these people enjoy public displays of affection (commonly known as PDA) and constantly crave being close or touching their partner.

Examples: Lots of hugs after having had a long day and showing minor signs of affection in front of friends and family.


couple kissing at a restaurant

What the love language means: When some singles hear this love language, they are quick to label the person as materialistic, which is not the case! The person cares about thoughtful gifts that make them feel appreciated. They do not require substantial and expensive gifts as they care more about the meaning behind the gift. It’s the thought that counts!

Examples: Get great seats to an event your partner would enjoy, such as a concert, a broadway show, or a sporting event. While away on a trip, buy them a thoughtful gift to show how much you missed them.

Acts of Service

couple cooking in the kitchen
If your partner values acts of service, show them your love with a dinner or a surprise getaway. 

What the love language means: If your partner says, “actions speak louder than words,” acts of service are most likely their love language. This person appreciates it when their partner does the little things like chores or errands because it shows them that their partner cares. Most people need this type of love when they are feeling unwanted or unimportant. 

Examples: Do the dishes after cooking a romantic dinner for your partner or plan and organize a romantic surprise weekend getaway. 

Words of Affirmation

couple sitting at a dinner table
What you say goes a long way for those who value words of affirmation.

What the love language means: Words of affirmation are verbal cues that show your appreciation for your partner. They are usually compliments or assurances to make your partner feel loved. Some people who value this love language may fish for compliments, and an “I love you” goes very far for them.

Examples: Write romantic cards or handwritten letters and compliment them on a quality you love about them or how great they look.

If you understand what love language your partner values most, it will allow you to show your love for them in the most beneficial way possible. Displaying your passion in the right way is the foundation of a long-lasting and loving relationship. It can be challenging to find your perfect match on online dating apps and websites as a Pittsburgh single, but The Modern Matchmaker has made it easier. 

The Modern Matchmaker is a boutique matchmaking service for upscale singles looking for a committed relationship. With more than 25 years of experience in the Pittsburgh dating scene, The Modern Matchmaker creates compatible matches that can last a lifetime. Contact us to get started on writing your love story.

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