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Dating in Pittsburgh? Here are 8 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

August 19, 2021

Dating can be an exciting process, especially with a matchmaker ensuring your best interests are prioritized while looking for your perfect match. Although going on dates can be enjoyable, it’s crucial to make sure that you are looking for the characteristics of a lifelong partner. Being single in Pittsburgh, it may be challenging to understand certain signals from your significant other. Take the advice of a professional matchmaker and keep these eight principles in mind while you are looking to find your perfect match. 

8 Must-Know signs for Singles in Pittsburgh to Recognize When They Have Found True Love

1. Love

man holding a woman and kissing her neck

True love is the basis of a real relationship. Real love is an emotional connection that has some depth — not just a surface-level connection. You need to be sure that you can fully commit yourself to your partner and your relationship. As a single person in Pittsburgh, you need to be in a two-sided relationship. There is a give and take in a loving relationship that shows you are willing to compromise with your partner. 

2. Trust

Man and woman hugging while cooking

Trust is critical to a healthy relationship. When a partner has reason to suspect that their significant other is not loyal to them — they are most likely right. Once the bond of trust is shattered, the relationship is broken. If he wants to play golf with the guys and she wants to have a few drinks on girl’s night, it should not be an issue. Try to be realistic in the expectations you set for yourself, your partner, and your relationship. 

3. Respect

Man and woman hugging

Before you can respect another person, you must first respect yourself. Only when you give respect will you receive respect in return. People in healthy relationships do not talk down or insult each other. You should want to make your partner feel like the most important person in the world. Your partner should be special; listen when she talks; care when he does not respond. Never take your partner for granted — you never know what you have until it’s gone. There are several ways to show respect in a relationship

4. Communication

Woman resting head on man's shoulder at dinner

Couples must have an open line of communication to have a strong relationship. You and your partner should be able to discuss any topic freely — from the boardroom to the bedroom. When one partner cannot communicate their thoughts and feelings comfortably, their significant other cannot read their mind. Before you start to work on your communication skills, it’s important to be open to realizing where you both need to improve. 

5. Compromise

Woman hugging man at kitchen table

Couples must be willing to compromise with their partner and recognize that they can’t always have things their way. Healthy relationships are two-sided. You should want your significant other to be as happy as he or she can be. Everyone is set in their ways to some degree. And everyone needs their space. There has to be some give and take on both sides. Shared time becomes more important; more enjoyable to both partners. Remember — you can never change someone else. 

6. Humor

Couple hugging and smiling at each other

Humor is one of the most sought-after components in a successful relationship. When the going gets tough, start laughing. Laughter brings gentle strength and renews your focus so you can be open to new ways of dealing with the problem at hand. In a study conducted with 3,000 married couples, it was found that husbands and wives were both happier with a humorous partner.

7. Special Time

Couple hugging and smiling at each other

All couples need private time for themselves. This could be a romantic dinner out, a weekend getaway, or a picnic in the park on a beautiful sunny day. Participate in a shared hobby or enjoy a weekly date night if you are already in a committed relationship. When you and your partner are both working professionals, it can become challenging to find time to relax and unwind with your significant other. Setting aside weekly date nights will allow you to mark your calendar in advance to ensure that you make special time for your special someone. 

8. Forgiveness

couple kissing

Forgiveness is a key tip for any healthy relationship — no one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. It is okay to be angry or upset with your partner, but you have to remember that you love them and you are not perfect either. It takes a lot more energy to hold a grudge than to forgive. No matter how compatible you are with your partner, there may be times when they do something that makes you unhappy. When this happens, it’s essential to remember that people make mistakes and understand how important it is to forgive.

As a person looking to find your perfect match, it can be challenging to recognize what you are looking for. These are a few tips to keep in mind, but using a matchmaker will allow you to meet potential partners with similar values and interests. The Modern Matchmaker is a boutique matchmaking service for singles that are looking to find a committed relationship. With more than 25 years of experience matching professional singles in Pittsburgh, The Modern Matchmaker has created relationships that last a lifetime. Contact us today to find your perfect match.

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