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8 Tips For A Healthy Dating Relationship In Pittsburgh

May 12, 2021

There are significant signs that show you are heading in the right direction of a healthy relationship, according to Pittsburgh dating experts at The Modern Matchmaker!

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We all are looking for that special someone, and it can be a challenge to know what flags are red and which are green. When you begin a new relationship, it is hard to be sure it will turn into an exciting long term relationship while dating in Pittsburgh. We’ve compiled a list of 8 tips to make sure you are in a happy and healthy relationship! 

8 Tips From a Pittsburgh Dating Expert on Finding Harmony in Your Relationship

An Emotional Connection 

An emotional connection must be present for a long-term relationship to be successful. This is where thoughts and feelings for each other go way beyond the surface. They are real. While dating in Pittsburgh, your significant other should really care how your day went, if you made that sale, had a fight with your boss, or won an award. This provides a solid foundation for a happy long-term relationship! 


Keep The Romance Alive

It’s the little things that count! Send your significant other a romantic card for no reason at all. Send flowers to her workplace just to let her know how special she is. Bring one perfect red rose to dinner. Send chocolate-covered strawberries to his workplace - enough for co-workers to share. Surprise him and cook a romantic dinner for two. Surprise her with front row seats to her favorite concert group. And what could be better than a romantic weekend getaway?

Be Compassionate

Picture this: Your boyfriend has finally climbed the corporate ladder to find out his job has been eliminated with no notice. Your girlfriend just talked you into paying for her permanent makeup and returned home with uneven eyebrows. You and your significant other join an expensive buying club and later find out they were being investigated on 60 Minutes. You should never blame one another-instead be extra supportive, caring, and understanding. Having trust in one another is critically important.

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Be A Best Friend 

The term “for better or worse” holds true in dating as well as marriage. It is nice to always think the glass is half full, not half empty, and have a positive outlook on life. But life is not always a bed of roses or candy canes and fairytales. Sometimes disaster strikes — the loss of a loved one; an impending surgery; a relative that is critically ill. This is the time when you really need a best friend and lover

 Couples Need Their Space

A healthy relationship may mean that both of you agree on some time apart. Everyone needs their space. It is not healthy to be joined at the hip 24/7. Your private time should be respected. If your significant other wants to play golf with the guys, let him! If you want to go to the spa-just do it! That is your time to relax and you will be a better partner feeling relaxed, energized, and ready to move on. Then the time a couple spends together becomes more important and is not taken for granted. It is quality as opposed to quantity. It is special.

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The Three Key Factors

Trust, respect, and communication are the three most important factors that contribute to a successful relationship. When trust is violated, there is nothing left to build on. You should trust your significant other until you have a reason not to. Do not look for problems. If something is wrong-don’t worry - you will know. The second most important thing is to respect the feelings of your partner, really listen and hear them when they share their thoughts instead of making them try to see your point of view. Good communication is critical to any relationship. It helps a couple avoid unnecessary disagreements. 

Prepare For Conflicts

Even in the most healthy of relationships, conflicts will arise. Pittsburgh dating, just like dating anywhere else, can involve disagreements. If you make a mistake, admit it, talk about why it occurred, and discuss how you can prevent making the same mistake twice. Do not argue about politics or current events - things you have little control over. Be secure with yourself! If you have a disagreement - kiss, and hug, and make up quickly. Communication is the key. Discuss little problems rationally before they fester and blow up into a huge fight. 

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Show Appreciation For One Another

Lastly, make sure you show your partner you love them! At the start of the relationship and in the “honeymoon phase,” this sounds pretty simple. But giving your partner the right attention could fall off with time. Showing appreciation can be different from relationship to relationship, but the feeling it gives your partner remains the same. Going out of your way to compliment your partner, performing a grand gesture, or spending extra time with them could remind them how loved they are. 

Being a part of the Pittsburgh dating scene can be intimidating at first, but knowing what to look for in a partner is paramount. Get in touch with The Modern Matchmaker to steer you in the right direction to build a loving, lasting, and healthy relationship!

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