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6 First Date Tips That Lead To a Second Date for Pittsburgh Singles

October 14, 2021

Find out how you can make the right moves for a second date

It’s easy to get a second date if you make a nice impression on your first date! You need to make sure you share enough about yourself, but not too much, as that may be overwhelming. Have a date coming up? For Pittsburgh singles, these tips will help prepare you for a first date. 

6 First Date Tips for Pittsburgh Singles to Land a Second Date

    1. Ask Your Date Questions

a smile couple
Show your date that they are important to you by asking them lighthearted questions.

Show that you are interested in your date by asking them questions and showing them that you are genuinely interested in hearing their answers. When you are dating Pittsburgh singles, be sure to always ask about the other person — it’s not all about you. While you are asking your date questions, remember to keep it light. Do not discuss politics, sex, or religion on a first date, as these topics are too controverisal. In the same vein, keep in mind that this is not a job interview and should not feel like one. 

If you need some ideas, take a look at a few of these first date questions that are sure to get the conversation started:

  • Are you working on any passion projects?
  • What sort of vacations do you like to take?
  • Have you been to any good restaurants lately?

    2. Don’t Share Your Entire Story

A happy couple
To keep the conversation moving, focus on the positives.

Do not bore your date with your entire life story on a first date. They do not need to know all of the intricate details. Parts of your life story will naturally be discussed on future dates when appropriate. However, if you share your whole life story on the first date, this leaves nothing to learn about you later. Too much-too fast. Think of it like this — you may want to give the person a brief preview of your life, not the entire movie.

    3. Be Present and Have Fun

A couple

A very common first date turn-off is when the person sits on their phone and is not present in the conversation. Don’t keep checking your phone — you can live without the notifications or updates for an hour or two while you are getting to know your date. It’s vital to make your date feel like they are a priority. In general, it’s common courtesy to avoid your phone while you are spending time with another person. If you don’t make your date feel important, your first date will be your last date.

    4. Avoid Speaking About Past Relationships

The past is gone, so look at each date as a new beginning. Have a positive and confident attitude, don’t focus on the past. A first date is not the time to discuss your ex-spouse or significant other, how much you hate your job, or how bad your children can be — that’s for a therapist. If you complain throughout the entire date, you will come across as a very negative and unhappy person. Try thinking of what interests you would like to know about your date, and focus on that as a conversation starter rather than your ex boyfriend or spouse.

    5. Plan a Unique Date

A couple
Show your date that you are creative and think outside the box.

Put some thought and effort into planning a first date. Be creative and think outside the box. Going to a restaurant is always nice, but something interactive may stimulate conversation easier. If you both want to see a favorite movie, then be sure to have dinner first or dessert afterwards so you can start getting to know each other.  Here are a few ideas for your next date.

    6. Be Natural

It is important to be yourself on a first date — don’t try to be something you are not. Be natural with your conversation and be aware of your body language. You should not sit with your arms crossed because this can appear as being a closed off person. Instead, you should keep eye contact with your date as much as possible to put you both at ease.

For Pittsburgh singles, it can be challenging to understand how to know when a first date is going well and will lead to a second. With The Modern Matchmaker, you will be paired with upscale singles based on compatibility. Because of this, you will already know that you have some things in common before meeting your match in person. This improves your chances of a second date and eventually finding the true love you deserve. Contact us today to get started on finding your perfect match.

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