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6 Easy Conversation Starters That Break the Ice

February 24, 2021

Even the most confident single person may be a bit nervous on a first date. You want to make a great first impression by just being yourself. Forget the word “date”, just relax and enjoy the company of the person that you are with. It can be that simple! Here are 6 fun and creative conversation starters for Pittsburgh singles.

Top 6 First Date Conversation Starters 

Pittsburgh singles can break the ice with these fun and interesting conversation starters.

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Nervous about the first date? Prepare yourself with these fun and easy conversation starters. 

1. Is this one of your favorite places?

Most women like men that can “plan a date.” You should at least have a plan in mind, but be open minded if your date has a few other ideas to consider. Either way, asking why your date likes a particular venue is a simple, but effective way to start a conversation. Maybe they took you horseback riding because they love outdoor activities. Or selected a trendy restaurant that they have always wanted to try. 

Even if the location turned out to be an arbitrary pick, this question can still open up other conversations about your favorite spots in Pittsburgh and different places in the city that you both may want to visit.

2. Have you been watching any good movies or TV shows?

Not sure where to start the conversation? Asking your date about their favorite movies and TV shows is an easy way to get them talking. You may also accidentally discover that you enjoy the same types of movies and TV shows! You can also ask a few fun questions, such as what is your favorite movie of all time, and who is your favorite actor or Broadway star?

3. Where did you grow up? 

Most people love talking about themselves and their background. Asking about your date’s hometown can open up an entirely new, interesting conversation about themselves. Learning about who they were in high school or what part-time jobs they worked as teenagers can also be a fun and creative way to get to know them better. This question can eventually lead to conversations about what brought them to Pittsburgh and their future plans here.

4. Where are your favorite travel destinations?

Like most people, your date is probably excited about all the trips they want to take once the pandemic is over. Whether they want to fly to Iceland, hike across the desert, or spend a month in Europe, they probably have some sort of getaway dream that they hope to experience. While travel is not ideal right now, you can still dream about future vacations together! Discussing past trips and adventures is also a great way to open up the conversation and break the ice. 

5. What’s on your bucket list?

From a hot air balloon ride, to a romantic trip to Paris find out what is on your date’s bucket list. It could be to own a beachfront property or buy a second home in Aspen. From climbing Mt. Everest to scuba diving, everyone has hopes and dreams to look forward to.

6. What are you passionate about?

Some people are passionate about cooking and trying trendy restaurants. Your date might love animals or volunteering time to various charities. Quite often, singles are passionate about their career and planning their next vacation.  

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