Love is in the Air: Dating During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now more than ever people are looking for a partner to spend their time with.
Susan Dunhoff is a professional match maker based in Pittsburgh.
She says that just because places aren't how they used to be, people can still make connections.

Dunhoff founded the Modern Matchmaker agency.
Unlike dating apps where users swipe and choose their own dates, she works one on one with clients.
After getting to know them, Dunhoff finds matches for clients.
Even during the pandemic, love was in the air.
Because of restrictions and  socially distancing, people were being more selective with who they wanted to date.
Many turning to Modern Matchmaker to help.
So in a world with COVID-19 and new restrictions to follow, how can you meet a stranger and still be safe?
Dunhoff recommends virtual dates to start.

"Is it the same? Of course not but at least it's a start", she explains. "A start to make a connection so you have more familiarity for when the world opens back up for real".

A great first date in this new normal is doing a virtual activity together.
Zoom happy hours, cooking dinner over facetime, activities that help two people build a connection during a time where many are feeling isolated.

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Getting started is easy.

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